I’m so excited to have you on the podcast!

You are receiving this link because I have personally invited you to chat with me on my podcast, The Captioned Mindset.

You’re probably already aware by now that it is connected to the book I wrote, that is also titled The Captioned Mindset.

The reason I’ve created a podcast centered around the book, is because I believe that reading and writing is an intimately personal way for people to learn and grow through textual means, but audio allows for people like you and I to interact and have a more community driven approach from one on one conversations.

I know your schedule is EXTREMELY busy, because being on this podcast means you’re dedicated a lot of your time to empowering others and have been building a successful career from scratch.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to be a part of this. A podcast where friendship meets real, honest, and vulnerable conversations.


Your recording date has been set, and an email will be sent out that will also include a link to Zencaster (more on that below) and any predetermined questions we have for you.

Feel free to share on Facebook or Instagram Stories that you’ll be a guest on the podcast! That really helps a ton with having the hearts of others who need to be encouraged and hear your message actually hear it! :D

Recording Instructions 

Here’s the recording instructions you’ll need to follow so we can make sure everything works perfectly:

Find a Quiet Location

Find the BEST distraction and noise-free environment you can so we can hear you crystal clear! I know with such a busy schedule, life calls for you to be all over the place, but to ensure the greatest audio quality, any place that doesn’t have background music, talking, or outdoor noises would be ideal.

Then open a Google Chrome browser and paste your link to Zencastr that has been sent to you. This is how I’ll record your audio locally (from your own browser). If you have never used Zencastr before, I can walk you through recording during the beginning of the call. But no worries, it’s easy. I do recommend that you temporarily bookmark the page.

Earphones and Mic

Have a pair of earphones on hand that include a built-in mic. Or, have earphones plus your own external mic. The headphones keep my voice from coming through your computer and being picked up in your audio recorded by Zencastr. I will also be recording my own audio with my voice from my computer.

If you have your own external mic,  that’s great! Plug that in and make sure your computer is set to be accessing that instead of your computer’s built in microphone. These settings can be changed in your computer’s system settings.

If you’re using earphones with a mic (like the Apple’s earphones) through your computer’s headphone jack your computer should automatically be set to use the earphones as the audio input.

Let’s Have Fun!

Our interview will go a little like this. I’ll start off the episode, talk a little bit about you, and introduce you on. From there, I’ll either have you read a passage from the book (which I can send ahead of time) and then ask you questions about how it’s relatable to your life. I’ll ask you a few questions that open up the door for lessons learned or words of advice, but I really want this to feel like a friendly conversation and less like a strict interview. So, feel free to break off a little and just chat openly and honestly about the topic and anything your heart feels your audience or a specific audience needs to hear. This is one of those, “this is just what people need to hear because it’s the truth and will change their life” kind of deals.

After we are finished recording, I will email you when your episode is going live. Please remember to share on your social media outlets about the episode on the day it airs :D

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