It’s time to invest in you this year.

The Captioned Mindset is not just a book. It’s a community built around being honest and vulnerable around the challenges and struggles we face as a society every day. I never intended for this to be a book first. For years, I simply wrote and created content that that spoke directly to an audience that became a family.

How do you break the chains of being a woman using her body for attention that continues to attract empty and heartbroken connections?

How do you learn to be grateful with where you are in life at the moment not comparing to people around you, but not become complacent with not challenging yourself to grow?

How do you break through the chains of fear holding you back from the calling you have on your life?

There are many success stories in life, and many times you only get to see the highlight reels.

What about the struggles we can learn from? What about the words of victories that lead to more breakthroughs?

The Captioned Mindset sets you up to make you a priority this year.

One day at a time, chains will break. When page at a time, breakthroughs will change the way you think.

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Official Release March 26th



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About the Author

Myles Berrio is a freelance photographer and writer. Having been published as an author, his photography can also be found published in Savoy Magazine, Angelic Magazine, Target and Netflix to name a few. He has the boldness of a voice and very compassionate towards the health of people’s spirit. Living in Atlanta, GA, Myles has built a successful career traveling around the world, challenging those around him to break out from the crowd and break through any strongholds. He believes we were all given a specific calling aligned with the gifts living within us, and while changing the entire world may not be a realistic goal, changing someone’s world is a great start.

Download the First 21 Pages FREE

While The Captioned Mindset is currently on sale for pre-order, why wait until the launch date to start turning pages? Here you can download the first 21 pages of the book to experience a fraction of a fraction inside the community of being encouraged and lifted up until your entire book is in your hand.

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How does this work?

This book isn’t designed to be read in just one sitting nor to solely entertain you. The purpose of this book is to challenge the reader to create a practice of reflection, meditation, and self-encouragement.

By reading each page of the book, one day at a time, you’ll spend time reflecting and writing anything and everything that helps you move one step further towards peace and strength with whatever you might be struggling with in that moment. Slow and steady wins the race.

Whether it’s affirmations, a promise to yourself, or just releasing feelings on paper, allow the inside of this book to become a daily practice for your heart and the rest of the day.

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A Podcast?

Remember, The Captioned Mindset isn’t just a book. Therefore, it’s really important as a community to not just read but be able to hear from each other’s insights, lessons learned, and just crazy experiences. Thus, The Captioned Mindset Podcast was born.

But not just anyone’s experience. Your most inspiring CEO’s, influencers, creatives, artists, and more such as Natalie Franke (Founder of Rising Tide Society), Daiyan Trisha (Malaysian pop-star), Jamie Chung (Actress), and Adam Flores (Business coach and published author).

This Podcast is designed to give you the most unique and powerful perspectives of the people I’ve had the honor interviewing as they each share from 1 page written in The Captioned Mindset and dive in to their own personal journey relating to it.